Underwater Hotels & Resorts – Divers Paradise [Video]

Have you ever considered underwater lodging for your next vacation?

There is currently a large number of underwater hotels offering from the most basic to the most luxurious of accommodations available to suit your needs.  These  underwater accommodations are typically located in exotic tropical settings at various locations round the world.

Poseidon Underwater Resort - Conceptualization

Poseidon Underwater Resort – Conceptualization

If you are a diver and concerned about your surface intervals… no worries. many of these hotels offer underwater accommodations at surface level pressures.

The Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island is considered one of the most luxurious offers two submerged rooms that look out onto the Ambassador Lagoon. The most basic and first underwater hotel in the world is the Jules' Undersea Lodge which began service as an underwater research Lodge.  Surprisingly, by the way, it is the only underwater hotel in the US.

First underwater hotel in Tanzania.

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