Scuba Dive Through An Underwater Park (Video)

The lake at Gruner See, translated “Green Lake” becomes a diver's paradise once a year.

Gruner See is located in Austria and every year in the spring it becomes a diver's paradise as the snow-melt in the Karst mountains fills the lake basin with crystal clear water.


The lake is typically 3-7 feet deep most of the year except for the spring when it is filled to a depth of about 40 feet with crystal clear water. The water is a chilly 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but it makes for a unique diving experience.

What looks like a lake and feels like a lake isn't necessarily always a lake. Well, at least it's not always that deep.

Welcome to Green Lake, Austria — a hiker-and-scuba-diver's dream.

This body of water literally shape-shifts throughout the seasons. During the winter, it's more like a shallow pond. But come spring, it gets deep enough to dive and swim in.

Eventually, what was once along the pond's edge becomes submerged underwater, transforming the lake into an incredible underwater oasis.

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Gruner See is a beautiful emerald green lake for scuba divers to enjoy, but remember it is an experience to be had only for about half of the year. It is best during high spring.

Gruner See "Green Lake"

Gruner See “Green Lake”

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See next page below for  video of what this beautiful dive site is like for scuba divers.


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