Questions Answered About Dry Suit P-Valves

Tech divers in drysuits don’t pee in their suits … they use devices such as the p-valve.

Warning: reader discretion may be advised due to nature of post

So, try as you may if you are a tech diver and/or wear a dry suit, devices such as the P-valve are to be considered standard and required equipment.

The p-valve is essentially allows liquids to pass form inside the dry suit to outside.  The p-valve is such a device. It attaches to to your anatomy and allows you to basically pee outside of your dry suit.

Naturally because of the nature of this device and its attach point most people are hesitant to ask and have their most pressing questions answered regarding the proper use of the device.

Jon Kieren does a great job of explaining his personal experiences with the P-valve as well as answering a few questions that you might have been afraid or too embarrassed to ask in a post on

So basically the P-valve is a condom catheter system that allows you to pass fluids outside of your wetsuit. It must be installed into your drysuit.  Its fairly simple to use and naturally , it must be properly cleaned after each day of diving.

As Jon explains, the learning curve may be a little steep, but after a few dives it will become a favorite part of your gear.

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