Cressi R1 BCD Scuba Gear Package [Video Review]

Cressi R1 BCD Leonardo Dive Computer AC2 Compact Regulator Set GupG Reg BagScuba Diving Package

This package includes the Cressi R1 Weight Integrated BCD, Cressi Compact AC2 Regulator, Cressi Compact Octopus and the Cressi Leonardo Air/Nitrox Dive Computer. Ready to dive.

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The Cressi R1 BC is known for its comfort and ease of use.

The Cressi R1 BCD Scuba Gear Package is popular on and has a five star rating.  This package includes:

  • Cressi R1 Weight Integrated BCD
  • Cressi Air/Nitrox Leonardo Computer Console
  • Cressi AC2 Compact Regulator, Yoke
  • Cressi Compact Octopus with Hose
  • Great for Travel

The R1 is easy to pack and therefore great for traveling.


Watch Scubalab's video review of teh Cressi R1 BCD in teh video below.



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