Scuba Diving Oil Platforms [video]

You wouldn't think of it at first, but as it turns out, oil platforms are amazing scuba diving sites.

Oil platforms both commissioned and decommissioned  are found to be meccas for sea-life.  They are havens for encrusting seal-life of all sorts which draws all sorts of the typical reef dwelling and visiting fish.

In the video below Jonathan Bird visits two oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  One of them known is known as as High Island 389.  It is a decommissioned oil platform  located about 6 miles off the coast of Texas.  High Island 389 is frequented by divers and offers an amazing diving experience. It steel structure is entirely encrusted with marine life. As he says it is a geometrically symmetrical coral reef.  Oil platforms, both commissioned and decommissioned have become the homes of  magnificent off-shore reefs.

Perhaps a diving a decommissioned oil platform should be on your scuba diving bucket- list too. … Yes?

Watch Jonathan's amazing oil platform diving experience below.

Images Source: YouTube Clips


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